nourish health transformation program

Starting 16 October 2021

Only 6 spaces available!

All-natural ways to feel great and lose weight!

The Nourish Health Transformation Program will start on 16 October 2021.  You will learn how to lose weight NATURALLY and more importantly – SUSTAINABLY. This higher level of health and happiness will then filter into other areas in your life, you will see how health and weight are so interconnected which is why we should never neglect one in favour of the other.

Everything we eat and allow ourselves to believe affects how our bodies process food and lose or gain weight, we encourage you now to take the natural route and join us on a journey to access your optimum state of health.

By design, this will encourage your body to rest at its most natural and healthy weight, too!

The 6 week Transformation Program is easily accessible on your mobile app and all for only R350!

12 Health Coaching Sessions with your personal Health Coach.

  • Each session will be built around a specific topic on the health transformation journey.
  • 12 sessions throughout the program.

30 day Weightloss Meal plan, including recipes and shopping lists

Valuable group coaching sessions with a maximum of 6 people per group:

  • Research shows when you are accountable to a group, people are more driven to results, and lasting change.
  • Support from the group of likeminded people on the same journey as you.
  • The support group is there for you on days where you feel down and out! They share all aspects of your journey together and share support

Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same!

Only 6 Spaces available!

Nourish health coaches

the missing link between information and transformation

Chantelle Stubenvoll

Jenna van der westhuizen

Sarah mckay

It’s not just about losing the weight

It’s about losing the lifestyle and the mindset that got you there! 

Body and mind are more interconnected than you’d expect, and so it’s important to fill your mind with healthy, well-informed information if you wish for it to have any lasting impact on your body. For anyone who has struggled with weight loss (and more importantly with MAINTAINING weight loss), you’ll enjoy the next sentence…Nourish Health Transformation Program will start on 16 October 2021, and you will learn about and achieve optimum levels of health and awareness specific to what your body needs.