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Anti Aging Secret Weapon

The truth is, the secret to reducing the signs of aging all come
down to one thing: eating healthy.

Buying expensive creams or paying for treatments will only go so
far and typically they are temporary which means you’d need to
pay again and again just to maintain that youthful look.

However, with a healthy diet that includes foods rich in
antioxidants and nutrients, you’ll be able to enjoy a youthful look
while feeling beautiful inside and out for many years to come.


Avoid Inflammatory Foods
Cut out inflammatory foods such as fast foods as well as sugar,
dairy and gluten. They all increase inflammation which speeds up Anti-Aging Super Foods: Special Report 19
the signs of aging. In addition, avoid processed foods whenever

Stay Hydrated
Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water in order to keep your
skin looking smooth and healthy. The more hydrated your skin is,
the healthier and younger you’ll look.

Incorporate Omega Fatty Acids into your Diet
Fatty acids, such as flaxseeds, chia seeds, coconut oil and avocado
are all great choices when it comes to keeping your skin hydrated.

Consume Protein
One of the reasons we get wrinkles is due to losing collage and
elastin in our skin. One of the easiest ways to avoid losing
elasticity is to consume proteins that contain amino acids. These
powerful protein sources will help to repair skin damage and
prevent premature aging. Anti-Aging Super Foods: Special Report 20
You can find amino acids in foods like fish, grains, seeds and nuts.
And you may be surprised to discover that tofu is yet another
great source of amino acids.

Drink Rooibos Tea
Consuming this tea will fuel your body with important
polyphenols which help protect your skin from premature aging,
as well as excessive wrinkles. It’s also a great alternative to

Tip: Replace your daily coffee with rooibos tea a few times a
week. Coffee is known to dehydrate your skin so choosing
rooibos tea as a substitute will help minimize that.

Focus on Citrus
Citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines, grapefruits and lemons are
all rich in Vitamin C, but they also help amino acids transform into
much-needed collagen.