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Changing Your Environment

The advice in this book can largely be split into two categories: the aspects that look at helping you to change your psychology – to appreciate things more, and to be kinder to yourself, and the aspects that tell you to look after yourself physically. This option fits somewhere in that later category, though it is a little different again: changing the environment around you.

Looking after your skin, your hair, and your health will all help you to feel happier and better. You’ll look healthier, and you’ll have a glow that only comes with confidence and self-satisfaction.

But what about the environment around you? This is what gets overlooked so often, but people like Marie Kondo demonstrate how important this is to your overall happiness and satisfaction.

In fact, changing your environment can impact your psychology in numerous ways and you can tap into any of these to be happier and healthier. Here are some things to consider.

Awe and Wonder

Here’s one amazing example of how changing your environment can lead to a happier you: awe and wonder.

Imagine being a primitive man and reaching the summit of a mountain. Imagine seeing valleys stretch out for miles in front of you and you have never seen anything like it. This sheer scope and incredible beauty would leave you basking in awe and wonder. What’s actually happening is that you are being forced to reconsider your place in the world – and that, in turn, is resulting in large amounts of literal rewiring in your brain.

This process occurs alongside a cascade of hormones and neurotransmitters, which lead to the feeling of spiritual nourishment we are all familiar with.

When was the last time you saw something truly remarkable that changed your perspective? Whether it’s looking through a telescope or going for a hike, try to find moments of awe. It could make your problems seem suddenly very small.

Tip: Going on a holiday or trip and changing your environment can also help you to overcome habits – as our environment contains triggers that make habits hard to kick.

The Healing Power of Nature

Another amazing way that the environment can change your feelings is by spending time in nature. This is where we evolved,
and a lush natural environment once signaled an abundance of food and resources.

Thus, going for a walk in nature can have a similar effect on us now – triggering a reduced heart rate and sense of calm. In fact, many great thinkers claim that going for “nature walks” was what helped them to come up with their best ideas.

Why? Because we are more creative when we are relaxed!

Your Home

Finally, don’t underestimate the negative impact that a disorganized and untidy home can have on your mental state. If
you can tidy and organize the space around you, then you can trigger huge changes in your mood, efficiency, and more.

Keeping things just a little more minimal is one of the best ways to do this, and that often means reducing clutter. This also means removing the things that you don’t absolutely love – that don’t bring you the most joy – which means the remainder will be only the things that create very positive emotions.

While you should cut down then, you should also improve quality. We’ve already discussed how investing in a better bathroom can help you to take better care of yourself. The same is true of your living room, where a plush couch can make a world of difference. And it’s true of your bedroom, where a beautiful picture can make you feel wonderful.

Money doesn’t buy happiness but treating yourself to lasting items that surround you and make you feel amazing is one way to
lift your spirits every single day!