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Conclusion – Your Blueprint for Self-Care

That’s the theory. Hopefully, along the way, you have learned a little about the importance of self-care and self-love, and perhaps what has led to low self-esteem and stress in the first place. But now it’s time to take that theory and turn it into something

From all we’ve learned, here is your blueprint to a happier and more fulfilled you:

• Use mindfulness to better understand your self-talk

• Place mantras around the home reminding yourself of your best qualities and to ‘be kind’ to yourself

• Look after your appearance – spend time, money, and effort on your looks

• Try loving-kindness meditation

• Look after your health by exercising regularly in a way that is
light and sustainable

• Dress well

• Have a grooming regime and enjoy the process as much as the outcome!

• Get 8 hours of GOOD sleep every night

• Eat nutritious food, including

• Spend time with people you love, practice the things you aren’t confident in.

• Clear and tidy your home

• Go on holidays, seek out moments of awe and wonder

• Surround yourself with beautiful items that you love

• Keep a journal and use it to write things that you are grateful for, and things you have done well/people have said about
you that are flattering.

Take all these steps every day, and you will be sure to enjoy feelings of self-love and contentment. Everything good will grow from there!