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Helping Your Hair Hang Onto Its Youthful Appearance

Helping Your Hair Hang Onto Its Youthful Appearance

Your skin is only part of the package though! The next question is what you can do about your hair. When you have toned muscle, glowing skin and a happy face you’ll look a lot younger; but if that’s topped off by thinning or grey hair, then you’ll be letting the team down!

So what can you do to keep it looking lustrous?

How to Avoid Aging Hair

As is so often the case, prevention is definitely better than cure when it comes to protecting your hair against the perils of Aging!

In this case, you’re going to try and protect your hair through your habits and there are a few things that can help and hinder.

For starters, you need to give it a fighting chance with regards to your current regime. That means that you need to stop straightening it all the time, you need to stay away from harsh dyes that involve bleaching and you need to try and protect your hair from damaging shampoos and conditioners too – while some of these are designed to be good for your hair, the
chemicals they use can actually end up being too harsh and this can lead to your hair and scalp being stripped of their natural oils.

All this means that your hair will start to become thin and brittle over time and if you keep this up, it will eventually stop returning to normal.

If you’re on a fast track to thinning hair, then the best thing to do is to take some time out and try to let your hair grow out. Meanwhile, try showering in colder water which can actually encourage the production of more oils in the scalp (whereas hot water can strip the scalp) and even think about switching to a gentler organic shampoo.


Combating Grey Hair

This can cause something of a catch-22 for women though. Many women will want to hide grey hairs but the best way to do so it with hair dyes. The problem is that this then can lead to thinning hair, brittle and damaged hair

So what’s the answer?

One answer is to go for highlights. With highlights, you create a more mottled effect in patches of your hair thereby hiding the grey hairs without having to address every single hair on your head with astringent chemicals!

Spending more time in the sun can similarly lighten your hair color naturally
to make those grey hairs less noticeable.

There are also products that will work only on your grey hairs. Examples include ‘Grey Away Shampoo’ from Morgan, which darkens the grey hairs while ignoring the rest. None of these methods are fool proof but they can all work quite well. Henna hair dye is also a popular alternative.

For guys, grey hair is definitely less of an issue and can actually look quite good!

Fighting Hair Loss

While women will largely worry about their hair thinning out or going grey, men will be more likely to worry about their hair falling out altogether!

It can be a very depressing feeling noticing that you are starting to lose your hair. Hair is a sign of vitality and youth for men and in the media and in many stories this association is strengthened by heroes who like to let their hair blow in the wind or whip it over their shoulder. The myth of Sampson, who was claimed to be the strongest mortal in the world, told that the source of his strength came from his hair and that if it were cut he would lose his powers. More recently Jackie Chan even has stated that he believes his hair is a good luck charm and that his stunts only go wrong when his hair is cut short…

Thus it is no surprise that many men have a hard time letting go when they start to face the loss of that hair. Male hair loss is, unfortunately, a fact of life for many men especially as they get older but that doesn’t mean that they have to let it happen. The key distinction to make though is between good ways to try and prevent male hair loss and bad ways – and there is certainly an important difference here.

The problem for many men is that they try to fight hair loss using what they already have and don’t think about a) maintaining what they have currently, or b) adding more hair to replace some of what is lost.

An unsuccessful but unfortunately highly popular way to prevent male hair loss for instance is to try combing your hair over so as to hide the bald patches that you are revealing. This ‘comb-over’ method works in theory but often fails in practice as the hair that is left over is too thin to cover the
area. This then means that the individual actually draws attention to their lack of hair rather than hiding it and actually looks a lot worse as a result!

When you imagine someone with an obvious comb-over, you will tend to think of weak-chinned bad guys from movies. The same goes for toupees.

The art of manliness is in being confident with who you are – at any age. Thus, the best look is very often going to be to just shave your hair off completely. It’s a bold step (no pun intended) but it looks a lot better than fighting it. In fact, it can look quite masculine, as characters like Bruce Willis and Dwayne Johnson prove.

A compromise is a haircut such as the ‘faux-hawk’. This is a mowhawk that makes use of your naturally receding hair line. Several celebrities such as Jude Law have sported this look to good effect in the past.

What many such people forget is hair products for hair growth. These can help to grow back some of the hair that is lost which makes haircuts such as comb-overs more successful as there is slightly more hair left. The combination of hair products for hair growth and a smart hair cut can help considerably to cover up baldness.

At the same time, it is also possible to use hair loss products that will strengthen and maintain the hair you do have left. This means that you aren’t fighting a losing battle against hair that is continually falling out, but are rather able to maintain the hair you’ve got and then just decide how you are going to use that. None of these will completely stop the clock but they can help to protect your hair follicles from damage by free radicals and testosterone (if you suffer from male pattern baldness – which is caused by a sensitivity to testosterone).

Another option however is to use hair restoration clinics which can use things such as hair implants. A hair implant basically means that you have new hair sewn into your scalp where your old hair once was. This is very effective as it means you are guaranteed a head of hair that won’t ever fall out and it is the most effective way to prevent hair loss. This is an extreme option but if you absolutely can’t stand the thought of shaving your head,
it’s one way to go.

But for most guys, shaving the hair is the best choice. And you can always grow a beard to restore some symmetry…