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Love the Skin You’re In

When it comes to reducing skin redness, fine lines and wrinkles,
there are a handful of super-foods and nutrient-based
supplements that you’ll want to begin incorporating into your
Let’s take a closer look:

Top Foods for Reducing Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Watercress is known to increase the circulation and delivery of
nutrients and minerals throughout your body. This means
improved oxygenation of the skin which will subsequently reduce
fine lines and wrinkles. Anti-Aging Super Foods: Special Report 13

Tip: Add a handful of watercress to a salad 3-4 times a week for
maximum results.

There are few superfoods quite as effective at boosting skin
elasticity as papaya. They include a ton of antioxidants as well as
other important vitamins and minerals that will make your skin
look smoother.
Some of these vitamins include: Vitamins A, C, E and K as well as
magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.
Papaya is often found in skin masks and cosmetics because of its
ability to help your body shed dead cells while working at helping
to reduce inflammation.
Incorporating just 2-3 cups of papaya into your weekly diet will
help you experience the many benefits of this power fruit.Anti-Aging Super Foods: Special Report 14

Known for its high levels of Vitamin A and B-complex, avocado is
one of the best fruits for nourishing and moisturizing the skin. It’s
also a popular snack for those looking to lose weight as it is not
only healthy but it will make you feel fuller for longer periods of

Top Foods for Increased Collagen Production
While your body is constantly at work, creating new collagen,
somewhere around the age of 30-35 years old, collagen levels
begin to taper off. Worse, the quality of collagen being produced
is not as high as when you were younger.
This means that you need to take measures to incorporate foods
and supplements into your life, as well as topical products if
possible, that support and promote the production of new
collagen on a regular basis.
Here are a few foods that will help restore and repair damaged Anti-Aging Super Foods: Special Report 15
collagen while priming your body so you are also able to
regenerate collagen.

Red Bell Peppers
These peppers are packed with antioxidants which are incredibly
important when it comes to reversing the signs of aging. They
contain high levels of Vitamin C as well as carotenoids, an
incredibly powerful antioxidant.
The reason why antioxidants are so effective at looking and
feeling younger is because they aid in skin repair, while also
reducing inflammation and cleaning up reactive free radicals that
can cause serious damage to our DNA.
Many antioxidants also work to stimulate the production of
collagen which will help smooth out your skin while giving you a
youthful glow. Anti-Aging Super Foods: Special Report 16
You can find antioxidants in many different products including
cosmetics, dietary supplements and even sunscreen.

Tip: Slice 1 cup of red bell peppers and dip them in Greek yogurt
or hummus as a healthy, on-the-go snack.

Fish, such as salmon, haddock and tuna are loaded with omega-3
fatty acid which is imperative when it comes to regenerating

Red Veggies
We’ve already mentioned how red bell peppers are an effective
way of boosting collagen levels but don’t overlook all the other
red veggies as many of them are equally as powerful including
tomatoes and beets. Anti-Aging Super Foods: Special Report 17
Red vegetables contain the potent antioxidant lycopene which
not only works as a natural sunscreen, but it works towards
increasing collagen levels in your body.

Quite simply, soy blocks the aging process. You can get your fill of
soy from products like soy milk, tofu or cheese so do your best to
work some of these foods into your diet.
If you’re wondering why soy is so helpful at slowing down the
aging process, it’s because it contains genistein, a plant-based
hormone that blocks MMP enzymes which age the skin.