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Tip #2: Limit Incoming Noise

Access to the Internet has brought a lot into our world:
convenience, social networking, the ability to work from just
about anywhere. But with it comes an extraordinary amount of

Just think about the last time you sat down to watch your favorite
television show. You were probably distracted by your mobile
device, which means that you most likely didn’t absorb everything
that you watched.

And it’s not your fault.

We’ve become almost numb to the sound of notifications going
off on our phones and tablets, incoming emails, alerts and a
myriad of other online signals that pull our attention in a hundred
different directions.

If you work online, the constant incoming noise can leave you
overwhelmed and stressed. You feel pressured to respond to
customers quickly, or perhaps you’re trying to manage several
different businesses at once and find yourself constantly having to
refocus your attention because you have so many things
happening at once.

It’s important to learn to cut out the noise, disconnect and
recharge your mental and emotional batteries.

Not only will this help you manage stress levels by giving yourself
a mental “time out”, but ultimately, the downtime will boost
creativity levels and help you run your business more efficiently!
The most important time to disconnect from the internet,
however, is shortly before we go to bed.

Staring at a screen and scrolling has been linked to insomniarelated issues (which lead to high stress levels). For a good night’s
sleep, turn off all mobile devices about an hour before your

Try reading a magazine or physical book, or watch some light TV.
Do some type of activity that isn’t too engaging but still somewhat
stimulating so that your mind is able to stay focused while still
being able to wind down and relax.

If you’re concerned about someone not being able to get a hold of
you in case of an emergency, then turn off your notifications in
the settings section of your phone and tell people to only call you
for emergencies beyond a certain time.

It’s important to focus on your own personal down-time every
day, even if it’s just an extra hour away from the chaos of your
business life.

There’s only so long you can move at a rapid pacebefore getting burn out, so learning to set a schedule and sticking to it will ensure you’re always performing at your very best.