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Tip #3: Get Enough Sleep

Another natural way to reduce stress is to make sure that you get
enough, but not too much-sleep.

When we don’t rest enough at the end of our day, our body can
tense up and it leads to irritability and depression. And when
we’re irritable or depressed, we’re stressed.

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean you should sleep for an
incredibly long time.

If you sleep longer than your body actually needs, then you can
become sluggish and listless which can also lead to stress when
you’re unable to meet deadlines, get through your personal to-do
list or simply feel down that you aren’t being productive.

Oversleeping can make you just as irritable and stressed out as
not getting enough sleep.

To determine just how much sleep your body needs, it’s
important to establish a regular sleep schedule, even on your days

It will force your brain go into shutdown mode at the same time
every night, regardless of what you have planned for the next day.

Once you make this change and catch up with your sleep, you’ll
find that you’re less stressed, and overall, much happier.

To establish a regular sleeping pattern, you’ll just need to do a
few things each and every day.

First, you’ll want to avoid any exercise about 2-3 hours before
your scheduled bedtime.

Stress Relief Strategies: Special Report 17
As mentioned earlier in this report, exercise creates endorphins
that give us energy. And while that’s a good thing, you want to
give your body adequate time every night to wind down.

You can take it a step further with a warm bath, too. Consider
taking one with some essential oils an hour or so before bedtime.

Vanilla and lavender are naturally calming scents, plus they
complement each other very well.

Another way to relax your body is with food. Try having a banana
or two, or a handful of peanuts, or even a turkey sandwich about
three hours before bedtime.

These foods contain tryptophan, which after being consumed,
creates melatonin: a hormone that makes us sleepy.

But avoid eating too close to your bedtime, as doing so can cause
heartburn and acid reflux.

Getting the perfect night’s sleep is an easy and natural way to
keep stress at bay!