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Tip #4: Reduce Caffeine Intake

Many adults are self-professed caffeine addicts, and studies now
show that coffee does come with some health benefits. But as
with everything in life,

For some people, caffeine may not be a good idea at all.

Everyone has a different caffeine threshold, right? Some people
can handle a lot, some just a little, and some not at all.

It all comes down to your body’s overall chemistry.

Reducing your caffeine intake, be it in the form of coffee or other
high caffeinated beverages, is a natural way to reduce and relieve
stress. Just as many of us need caffeine to function after waking
up, too much can make us jittery and scatterbrained.

If you’d like to try cutting back on your caffeine intake, it’s
important to do so in moderation. Caffeine can be addicting, and
going cold turkey can lead to withdrawal symptoms.

Try cutting back just one cup a day and see how you feel.

Depending on the outcome, keep doing this until you find your

Who knows, you may find that you don’t need caffeine at all!