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Chantelle – Nourish Health Coach

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Hi, I am Chantelle, a widowed Mom of 2 amazing daughters now in their mid 20’s.  

I spent 25 years as a Swiss Hotel School qualified hospitality professional where I gained the most wonderful diverse experience in the industry across Africa & Europe.  My focus and passion has always been with food and nutrition; my career took a turn a few years ago when I put down my chef’s hat & knives to focus more on Nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices.

There was a special moment in my food and wellness journey. It was the moment when it clicked for me that the food wisdom from a slower, more indulgent time in history could be combined with the latest cooking science and methods, to produce the basis of a wholesome and invigorating lifestyle.

Health Coach Education

My working journey has brought me to an extremely rare set of specialties. My cross-experience as a chef and a nutritionist brings more depth and insight to the Nourish offering.  

My wonderful fun-filled exciting adventurous life that I shared with the absolute love of my life and two amazing young daughters came to a grinding halt in 2010 when my hubby was diagnosed with lung cancer.  This diagnosis came as such a shock as he wasn’t sick.  I was consumed with researching cancer diets and feeding the man the weirdest and most wonderful creations without really knowing what I was doing.  Within 8 weeks of pain, suffering and one round of chemo he passed away at the age of 42.


I was convinced that there had to be a connection between this awful disease and our diet and lifestyle choices. I embarked on a soul-searching journey to find the answers and that led me to New York City to reinvent myself and start a new career as a Nutritionist and holistic Health Coach.


My Approach

The knowledge of a classically trained chef, a dietary consultant and a student of traditional healing has developed into the Zest for Life offering. A highly personal, immersive and step-by-step journey to your zest-filled lifestyle.

Our sessions together will be like nobody else’s because my philosophy is based on the reality that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach for any individual’s wellbeing. We work together to create the changes for your body to easily handle the stress modern day life puts on us.